Our next Big Trip has begun!

Well, after a slight delay due to Mother Nature, we're off! The house sitters are in place, the driveway has been shovelled (sure to be "topped up" again after we return), the van is running beautifully and we had clear sailing as we steered due south.

"South" ... supposed to be warmer down here, right? We made great time on day one and stopped for the night just south of Washington, DC. We are still amazed at how flawlessly this Roadtrek 210 runs - it has been the complete opposite of a "lemon." It was a chilly -9C when we pulled in to boondock at a Walmart parking lot (*in RV parlance, "boondocking" is camping without cost and hookups). We were snug and warm under our duvet and just turned on the propane furnace to warm things up in the morning (believe it or not, this 21' van has a KING size bed in the back!). Craig is chomping at the bit to wash all the salt and grit off the van!

We are debating whether to detour via a wintertime drive down the Outer Banks of North Carolina (one of our favourite parts of the US) but it looks like all the national parks campgrounds are closed (wonder why ...? Perhaps the close-to-freezing temperatures!). If we can find somewhere we can boondock again, we'll head that way. If not, we'll continue to our ultimate destination for the next week - Huntington Beach State Park, SC.

7 thoughts on “Our next Big Trip has begun!

  1. Erbon and Lorraine

    We are pleased to learn that the Roadtrek 210, which we previously owned, continues to perform well.
    And we enjoy seeing pictures of it taken during your travels.
    Happy Trails!

    1. Josephine Post author

      So happy to hear from you both! As you can see, we are loving the Roadtrek 210 and really appreciate the wonderful care you took with it. We are following your lead – including the details in the green log book. Everything is kept track of. Just know that we are taking great care of your van and are loving it very much!

  2. Ace n’ pie

    Hi Jo n’ Craig, looking good, hope u find the warmer climes soon, we look forward to hearing and seeing more on ur trip…already know what the van looks like, safe travels, may the fair winds fill your sails, cheers Ace n’ pie


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