Meet our “canine concierge” Eleanor Rigby

rigbyclose_editedBreed: Border Collie mix (she was a pound rescue, so that’s our best guess) Age: 11 years old Has an unusual attachment to: Craig and a stuffed squirrel that squeaks Best qualities: travels like a pro; smarter than most people; loyal to a fault; the perfect concierge Absolutely hates: thunderstorms; fireworks; lawnmowers  

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  1. RJ Messier

    Love your web site.

    Looking at Class B Roadtrek. We been to a Roadtrek rally & liked the people very much.

    We were first looking at a Popular 190 but a
    2004-Roadtrek-200-Versatile came up. What we like is its sleep 4 people w extra storage.

    We will be using your checklist when looking at the Roadtrek. It has 53K on it and suppose to be well maintained w records. A bit high but not really for the mileage I guess. 2nd owner.

    Do you have a newsletter as well. If so please add Mary & I.

    1. Josephine Post author

      We are on the hunt for a Roadtrek 200 size as well – Craig is tall and it is one of the few models he can stand up in. They are hard to find – so congratulations on finding one, especially with such low mileage. If you decide to pass on it, let me know as we may be interested in taking a look. Best of luck with your travels – the world of Class B travel is addictive!


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