We travel. We write. We publish.

Travels With Rigby is for web surfers who are looking for practical information on frugal RV travel, travelling with your dog (our pooch is Rigby), finding irresistible eats and sussing out music destinations. We've clocked the miles and visited the sights and these are the best from our travels: the who/what/when/where/why highlights for those that love music, food and the camping life.

You’ll find tips and info on:

  • Music trails and destinations.
  • Best ways to travel with your dog.
  • Foods we found irresistible.
  • Practical ways to travel by small RV.
  • Campsites and parks we’ve loved.
  • Planning realistically for gas costs, cell phone coverage, etc.

About us . . .

Travel writers. Foodies. Music lovers. Can't go anywhere without our dog. Josephine Matyas works full-time as a freelance writer, specializing in travel and food. Craig Jones has got street cred: lots of miles on the road crisscrossing Canada as a professional musician, followed by just as many years tapping away at a computer keyboard. We write for websites, newspapers and magazines. We also blog on this site when we are on the road. Yes, we are "old school" if that means research, writing and paying attention to grammar, quality and fact checking. But as for the platform - print and digital both.  JoCraig

It’s been an experiment: Taking her expertise (travel writing) and his experience (on the bandstand, teacher and writer), stirring it together and seeing what happens. Add a camper van (a 2006 Roadtrek 210 for those who need the specs), an easy going Border Collie (Eleanor Rigby), a file full of maps and a GPS/wireless backup camera nicknamed “Hal” that sometimes toys with us (we prefer the maps).

Several times a year we pack up High Cotton (the Class B RV), take the dog for her trim, top up the gas tank and hit the road for a month or two at a time. We post links to articles we’ve published (see Words) and blog short bits and pieces while we are away from Home Base (Ontario, Canada).